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The list of all the amazing people who have contributed to the various features that you get to experience in this fork.

We thank them for all of their time and hard work.

Original Author#

Current core team#

  • @lstein (Lincoln Stein) - Co-maintainer
  • @blessedcoolant - Co-maintainer
  • @hipsterusername (Kent Keirsey) - Product Manager
  • @psychedelicious - Web Team Leader
  • @Kyle0654 (Kyle Schouviller) - Node Architect and General Backend Wizard
  • @damian0815 - Attention Systems and Gameplay Engineer
  • @mauwii (Matthias Wild) - Continuous integration and product maintenance engineer
  • @Netsvetaev (Artur Netsvetaev) - UI/UX Developer
  • @tildebyte - General gadfly and resident (self-appointed) know-it-all
  • @keturn - Lead for Diffusers port
  • @ebr (Eugene Brodsky) - Cloud/DevOps/Sofware engineer; your friendly neighbourhood cluster-autoscaler
  • @jpphoto (Jonathan Pollack) - Inference and rendering engine optimization
  • @genomancer (Gregg Helt) - Model training and merging

Contributions by#

Original CompVis Authors#

If you have contributed and don't see your name on the list of contributors, please let one of the collaborators know about the omission, or feel free to make a pull request.

Last update: February 9, 2023
Created: September 11, 2022