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Installing Models#

Checkpoint and Diffusers Models#

The model checkpoint files (*.ckpt) are the Stable Diffusion "secret sauce". They are the product of training the AI on millions of captioned images gathered from multiple sources.

Originally there was only a single Stable Diffusion weights file, which many people named model.ckpt.

Today, there are thousands of models, fine tuned to excel at specific styles, genres, or themes.

Model Formats

We also have two more popular model formats, both created HuggingFace:

  • safetensors: Single file, like .ckpt files. Prevents malware from lurking in a model.
  • diffusers: Splits the model components into separate files, allowing very fast loading.

InvokeAI supports all three formats. Our backend will convert models to diffusers format before running them. This is a transparent process.

Starter Models#

When you first start InvokeAI, you'll see a popup prompting you to install some starter models from the Model Manager. Click the Starter Models tab to see the list.

You'll find a collection of popular and high-quality models available for easy download.

Some models carry license terms that limit their use in commercial applications or on public servers. It's your responsibility to adhere to the license terms.

Other Models#

You can install other models using the Model Manager. You'll find tabs for the following install methods:

  • URL or Local Path: Provide the path to a model on your computer, or a direct link to the model. Some sites require you to use an API token to download models, which you can set up in the config file.
  • HuggingFace: Paste a HF Repo ID to install it. If there are multiple models in the repo, you'll get a list to choose from. Repo IDs look like this: XpucT/Deliberate. There is a copy button on each repo to copy the ID.
  • Scan Folder: Scan a local folder for models. You can install all of the detected models in one click.


The dedicated autoimport folder is removed as of v4.0.0. You can do the same thing on the Scan Folder tab - paste the folder you'd like to import from and then click Install All.

Diffusers models in HF repo subfolders#

HuggingFace repos can be structured in any way. Some model authors include multiple models within the same folder.

In this situation, you may need to provide some additional information to identify the model you want, by adding :subfolder_name to the repo ID.


Say you have a repo ID monster-labs/control_v1p_sd15_qrcode_monster, and the model you want is inside the v2 subfolder.

Add :v2 to the repo ID and use that when installing the model: monster-labs/control_v1p_sd15_qrcode_monster:v2