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InvokeAI is an implementation of Stable Diffusion, the open source text-to-image and image-to-image generator. It provides a streamlined process with various new features and options to aid the image generation process. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux machines, and runs on GPU cards with as little as 4 GB of RAM.

InvokeAI Features#


The InvokeAI Web Interface#

Image Management#

Model Management#

Prompt Engineering#

InvokeAI Configuration#


Please check out our FAQ to get solutions for common installation problems and other issues.


Anyone who wishes to contribute to this project, whether documentation, features, bug fixes, code cleanup, testing, or code reviews, is very much encouraged to do so.

Please take a look at our Contribution documentation to learn more about contributing to InvokeAI.


This software is a combined effort of various people from across the world. Check out the list of all these amazing people. We thank them for their time, hard work and effort.


For support, please use this repository's GitHub Issues tracking service. Feel free to send me an email if you use and like the script.

Original portions of the software are Copyright © 2022-23 by The InvokeAI Team.