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Installation and Updating Overview#

Before installing, review the installation requirements to ensure your system is set up properly.

See the FAQ for frequently-encountered installation issues.

If you need more help, join our discord or create an issue.

Automatic Install & Updates

✅ The automatic install is the best way to run InvokeAI. Check out the installation guide to get started.

⬆️ The same installer is also the best way to update InvokeAI - Simply rerun it for the same folder you installed to.

The installation process simply manages installation for the core libraries & application dependencies that run Invoke. Any models, images, or other assets in the Invoke root folder won't be affected by the installation process.

Manual Install

If you are familiar with python and want more control over the packages that are installed, you can install InvokeAI manually via PyPI.

Updates are managed by reinstalling the latest version through PyPi.

Developer Install

If you want to contribute to InvokeAI, consult the developer install guide.

Docker Install

This method is recommended for those familiar with running Docker containers.

We offer a method for creating Docker containers containing InvokeAI and its dependencies. This method is recommended for individuals with experience with Docker containers and understand the pluses and minuses of a container-based install.

See the docker installation guide.

Other Installation Guides