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What are Nodes?#

An Node is simply a single operation that takes in inputs and returns out outputs. Multiple nodes can be linked together to create more complex functionality. All InvokeAI features are added through nodes.

Anatomy of a Node#

Individual nodes are made up of the following:

  • Inputs: Edge points on the left side of the node window where you connect outputs from other nodes.
  • Outputs: Edge points on the right side of the node window where you connect to inputs on other nodes.
  • Options: Various options which are either manually configured, or overridden by connecting an output from another node to the input.

With nodes, you can can easily extend the image generation capabilities of InvokeAI, and allow you build workflows that suit your needs.

You can read more about nodes and the node editor here.

To get started with nodes, take a look at some of our examples for common workflows

Downloading New Nodes#

To download a new node, visit our list of Community Nodes. These are nodes that have been created by the community, for the community.