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WebUI Hotkey List#

App Hotkeys#

Setting Hotkey
Ctrl+Enter Invoke
Shift+X Cancel
Alt+A Focus Prompt
O Toggle Options
Shift+O Pin Options
Z Toggle Viewer
G Toggle Gallery
F Maximize Workspace
1 - 5 Change Tabs
` Toggle Console

General Hotkeys#

Setting Hotkey
P Set Prompt
S Set Seed
A Set Parameters
Shift+R Restore Faces
Shift+U Upscale
I Show Info
Shift+I Send To Image To Image
Del Delete Image
Esc Close Panels
Setting Hotkey
Left Previous Image
Right Next Image
Shift+G Toggle Gallery Pin
Shift+Up Increase Gallery Image Size
Shift+Down Decrease Gallery Image Size

Unified Canvas Hotkeys#

Setting Hotkey
B Select Brush
E Select Eraser
[ Decrease Brush Size
] Increase Brush Size
Shift+[ Decrease Brush Opacity
Shift+] Increase Brush Opacity
V Move Tool
Shift+F Fill Bounding Box
Del / Backspace Erase Bounding Box
C Select Color Picker
N Toggle Snap
Hold Space Quick Toggle Move
Q Toggle Layer
Shift+C Clear Mask
H Hide Mask
Shift+H Show/Hide Bounding Box
Shift+M Merge Visible
Shift+S Save To Gallery
Ctrl+C Copy To Clipboard
Shift+D Download Image
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
R Reset View
Left Previous Staging Image
Right Next Staging Image
Enter Accept Staging Image