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Invoke UI#

Invoke's UI is made possible by many contributors and open-source libraries. Thank you!

Dev environment#


  1. Install node and pnpm.
  2. Run pnpm i to install all packages.

Run in dev mode#

  1. From invokeai/frontend/web/, run pnpm dev.
  2. From repo root, run python scripts/
  3. Point your browser to the dev server address, e.g. http://localhost:5173/

Package scripts#

  • dev: run the frontend in dev mode, enabling hot reloading
  • build: run all checks (madge, eslint, prettier, tsc) and then build the frontend
  • typegen: generate types from the OpenAPI schema (see Type generation)
  • lint:dpdm: check circular dependencies
  • lint:eslint: check code quality
  • lint:prettier: check code formatting
  • lint:tsc: check type issues
  • lint:knip: check for unused exports or objects (failures here are just suggestions, not hard fails)
  • lint: run all checks concurrently
  • fix: run eslint and prettier, fixing fixable issues

Type generation#

We use openapi-typescript to generate types from the app's OpenAPI schema.

The generated types are committed to the repo in schema.ts.

# from the repo root, start the server
python scripts/
# from invokeai/frontend/web/, run the script
pnpm typegen


We use i18next for localization, but translation to languages other than English happens on our Weblate project.

Only the English source strings should be changed on this repo.


Example debugger config#

  "version": "0.2.0",
  "configurations": [
      "type": "chrome",
      "request": "launch",
      "name": "Invoke UI",
      "url": "http://localhost:5173",
      "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}/invokeai/frontend/web"

Remote dev#

We've noticed an intermittent timeout issue with the VSCode remote dev port forwarding.

We suggest disabling the editor's port forwarding feature and doing it manually via SSH:

ssh -L 9090:localhost:9090 -L 5173:localhost:5173 user@host

Contributing Guidelines#

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Invoke Web UI!

Please follow these guidelines when contributing.

Check in before investing your time#

Please check in before you invest your time on anything besides a trivial fix, in case it conflicts with ongoing work or isn't aligned with the vision for the app.

If a feature request or issue doesn't already exist for the thing you want to work on, please create one.

Ping @psychedelicious on discord in the #frontend-dev channel or in the feature request / issue you want to work on - we're happy to chat.

Code conventions#

  • This is a fairly complex app with a deep component tree. Please use memoization (useCallback, useMemo, memo) with enthusiasm.
  • If you need to add some global, ephemeral state, please use [nanostores] if possible.
  • Be careful with your redux selectors. If they need to be parameterized, consider creating them inside a useMemo.
  • Feel free to use lodash (via lodash-es) to make the intent of your code clear.
  • Please add comments describing the "why", not the "how" (unless it is really arcane).

Commit format#

Please use the conventional commits spec for the web UI, with a scope of "ui":

  • chore(ui): bump deps
  • chore(ui): lint
  • feat(ui): add some cool new feature
  • fix(ui): fix some bug

Submitting a PR#

  • Ensure your branch is tidy. Use an interactive rebase to clean up the commit history and reword the commit messages if they are not descriptive.
  • Run pnpm lint. Some issues are auto-fixable with pnpm fix.
  • Fill out the PR form when creating the PR.
  • It doesn't need to be super detailed, but a screenshot or video is nice if you changed something visually.
  • If a section isn't relevant, delete it. There are no UI tests at this time.

Other docs#