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Here you can find the documentation for InvokeAI's various features.

The Getting Started Guide#

A getting started guide for those new to AI image generation.

The Basics#

* The Web User Interface#

Guide to the Web interface. Also see the WebUI Hotkeys Reference Guide

* The Unified Canvas#

Build complex scenes by combine and modifying multiple images in a stepwise fashion. This feature combines img2img, inpainting and outpainting in a single convenient digital artist-optimized user interface.

Image Generation#

* Prompt Engineering#

Get the images you want with the InvokeAI prompt engineering language.

* The LoRA, LyCORIS, LCM-LoRA Models#

Add custom subjects and styles using a variety of fine-tuned models.

* ControlNet#

Learn how to install and use ControlNet models for fine control over image output.

* Image-to-Image Guide#

Use a seed image to build new creations.

Model Management#

* Model Installation#

Learn how to import third-party models and switch among them. This guide also covers optimizing models to load quickly.

* Merging Models#

Teach an old model new tricks. Merge 2-3 models together to create a new model that combines characteristics of the originals.

* Textual Inversion#

Personalize models by adding your own style or subjects.

Other Features#

* The NSFW Checker#

Prevent InvokeAI from displaying unwanted racy images.

* Controlling Logging#

Control how InvokeAI logs status messages.

* Command-line Utilities#

A list of the command-line utilities available with InvokeAI.