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Runninng InvokeAI on Google Colab


We have a Jupyter notebook with cell-by-cell installation steps. It will download the code in this repo as one of the steps, so instead of cloning this repo, simply download the notebook from the link above and load it up in VSCode (with the appropriate extensions installed)/Jupyter/JupyterLab and start running the cells one-by-one.

you will need NVIDIA drivers, Python 3.10, and Git installed beforehand

Running Online On Google Colabotary#

Open in Colab

Running Locally (Cloning)#

  1. Install the Jupyter Notebook python library (one-time): pip install jupyter

  2. Clone the InvokeAI repository: git clone cd invoke-ai

  3. Create a virtual environment using conda: conda create -n invoke jupyter
  4. Activate the environment and start the Jupyter notebook: conda activate invoke jupyter notebook

Last update: December 15, 2022
Created: November 12, 2022